Fellow Kansans,

As a life-long Kansan, I am concerned with the direction of our state.  Out of control spending, a high tax burden and more government regulation have combined to create an environment that makes it increasingly hostile for Kansans to prosper and create jobs. Because of that concern, I ran and was elected to the office of 115th District Representative as a Republican. Upon Tim Huelskamp being elected to Congress, I was elected by precinct committeemen & women to serve as the State Senator for the 38th District.

My vision remains the same. I believe smaller government fosters freedom and the opportunity to be successful. We must make our government more fiscally responsible, lessen the tax burden on individuals & businesses, and ensure our schools stay strong.  To accomplish these goals, we need more common-sense, values based leaders in Topeka.

Growing up in rural Gray County has given me the opportunity to develop the work ethic and values necessary to provide leadership for our state.  I am thankful for my time working on the family farm, the excellent education I received from the South Gray school system and the strong sense of family values that a rural upbringing has provided. 

It is an honor to serve as your State Senator. I will stand up for your values and fight to help keep government spending within its means, just like our families do. 

Thank you,

Garrett Love
State Senator, 38th District

P.S. Please contact me with any comments, questions, or ideas you may have!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

-Ronald Reagan


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